Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Economic Resilience Index

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Economics, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran.


Resilience is defined in different ways by different disciplines and different authors but in general resilience may be defined as the ability of a system and its component parts to anticipate, absorb, accommodate, or recover from the effects of a hazardous event in a timely and efficient manner. Resilience is applicable at the micro as macro level, and for this reason, is sometimes defined as the ability of an individual, a household (micro level), a community, a country or a region (macro level) to withstand, cope, adapt, and quickly recover from shocks without compromising long-term development. In this paper economic resilience is defined as the capacity of an economy to resist shocks and withstand the effects of a shock and to avoid the shock altogether. The paper tries to follow the UNDP procedure in presenting Human Development Index , so the same procedure will be followed to provide an Economic Resilience Index (ERI). This resilience index will be applied for a group of developing countries including Iran and the finding will be analyzed.



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