Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2019 
4. Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policies for a Non-Inflationary Exit from Stagnation in Iran: A DSGE Approach

Pages 283-314

Iman Rousta; Ebrahim Hadian; Ali Hussein Samadi; Parviz Rostamzadeh

9. Culinary Tourism Development Based on Marketing Mix Strategy : The Case of Khorasan Razavi Province

Pages 397-419

Younos Vakil Alroaia; Zahra Zolfaghari; Mohammad Reza Sotoudeh

10. Government Size and Happiness Inequality: A Threshold Panel Approach

Pages 421-439

Ebrahim Zare; Mehrzad Ebrahimi; Abbas Aminifard; Hashem Zare

11. Managed Floating Exchange Rate Regime and Policy Evaluation for Iran

Pages 441-462

Kiomars Sohaili; Alireza Erfani; Yousef Hayati