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Using Hedonic Prices to Estimate Quality Changes concerning Iranian Automobile Market

Esmaeil Abounoori; Ali Rezvani

Volume 1, Issue 1 , April 2012, , Pages 1-12


  Abstract This paper sketches a model of product differentiation according to the hedonic hypothesis that is based on the theory of consumer behavior of Lancaster (1971). Lancaster suggested that utility is derived from the characteristics of the good and not the good itself. Thus, from the perception ...  Read More

Optimal Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market: The Case of Iran

Zahra Azizi; Ebrahim Hadian

Volume 1, Issue 2 , December 2012, , Pages 1-22


  In a managed floating exchange rate regime, one of the most important issues is the degree to which the monetary authorities intervene in the foreign exchange market.  The appropriate level of intervention in the foreign exchange market can be discussed in a framework which emphasizes the trade-off ...  Read More

Estimating Optimum Value of Investment and Human Capital in the R&D Sector of Iran Using an Augmented Endogenous Growth Model
Volume 2, Issue 1 , April 2013, , Pages 1-22


  This article intends to estimate the optimal value of investment and human capital in R&D sector of Iranian economy using an augmented endogenous growth model. To do so, two issues have been studied. First, an endogenous growth model has been extended to include investment in R&D as an independent ...  Read More

The Effects of Broadband Infrastructure on Economic Growth in Developing Countries

Esfandiar Jahangard; Zeinabsadat Pourahmadi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , December 2013, , Pages 1-23


  In this paper we investigate the effects of broadband infrastructure providing high speed internet, on economic growth in developing countries. We have used two different broadband measures to classify developing countries into two groups for the period 1999-2008. By using logistic diffusion model and ...  Read More

A New Nonlinear Specification of Structural Breaks for Money Demand in Iran

Esmaiel Abounoori; Behnam Shahriyar

Volume 3, Issue 1 , April 2014, , Pages 1-19


  In a structural time series regression model, binary variables have been used to quantify qualitative or categorical quantitative events such as politic and economic structural breaks, regions, age groups and etc. The use of the binary dummy variables is not reasonable because the effect of an event ...  Read More

Firm Specific Risk and Return: Quantile Regression Application

Maryam Davallou

Volume 3, Issue 2 , December 2014, , Pages 1-18


  The present study aims at investigating the relationship between firm specific risk and stock return using cross-sectional quantile regression. In order to study the power of firm specific risk in explaining cross-sectional return, a combination of Fama-Macbeth (1973) model and quantile regression is ...  Read More

Evaluation of Social Cost of Monopoly in Iranian Industries: Leibenstein Approach

Forough Jahantigh; Mohammad Nabi Shahiki Tash; Mosayeb Pahlavani

Volume 4, Issue 1 , April 2015, , Pages 1-26


  The main objective of this research is to evaluate the social costs of monopoly in Iranian concentrated industries during 1996-2006. Leibenstein approach has been employed to evaluate the social costs. Leibenstein believed that most monopolistic industries operate inefficiently because of being in the ...  Read More

The Welfare Effects of Switching from Consumption Taxation to Inflation Taxation in Iran’s Economy

Hojat Izadkhasti; rahim dalali isfahani; saeed samadi

Volume 4, Issue 2 , October 2015, , Pages 1-15


  The net effects of switching from consumption taxation to inflation taxation on resource allocation and welfare crucially depend on production externalities. With elastic labor supply, raising inflation taxation decreases leisure, but increases the levels of real consumption, capital, and output. Moreover, ...  Read More


Journal Admin

Volume 11, Issue 1 , March 2022, , Pages 1-6


  DescriptionIranian Journal of Economic Studies is published twice a year in springand fall by Shiraz University, one of the oldest and the most prestigiousuniversities in Iran, with high quality in research and education. The aimof this journal is to provide a forum for economists (in Iran and aroundthe ...  Read More

Government’s Powers and FTAs: The Effect of Domestic and Foreign Powers on Multilateral Trade

Hamed Ghiaie

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2016, , Pages 7-29


  This paper elaborates on the government's powers - both at the domestic level and over foreign countries. The domestic power is the power against domestic lobbies, and the foreign one is the government's international power. To do so, this paper tries to evaluate the effects of these powers   ...  Read More

Gender and the Factors Affecting Child Labor in Iran: an Application of IV-TOBIT Model

Teimour Mohammadi; Zahra Karimi Moughari; Sahand Ebrahimi Pourfaez

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2017, , Pages 7-28


  In this paper we first intend to examine the probability of falling into the realm of child labor by using conditional probability theorem. Furthermore, we will compare the extent of each factor’s effect on boys and girls using a TOBIT regression model. Finally we will analyze aspects of Iran’s ...  Read More

Investigating the Effects of Regulation of Iran Mercantile Exchange on Goods Price Growth

Saeed Samadi; Mostafa Mobini Dehkordi; Alireza Kamalian; Ehsan Mohammadzade; Mehdi Karname Haghighi

Volume 7, Issue 1 , March 2018, , Pages 7-23


  One of the important socioeconomic tasks of governments is regulation. Regulation literature focuses on government intervention in the market for regulating the amount of production and distribution of a commodity, which can lead to the determination of the structure and rules governing the market. A ...  Read More

The Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Discretionary Fiscal Policy in Selected OPEC Countries: Panel Structural Vector Autoregressive

Marzieh Dindar Rostami; Shamsollah Shirinbakhsh; Zahra Afshari

Volume 8, Issue 1 , March 2019, , Pages 7-25


  The present study was aimed to investigate the effects of oil price shocks on discretionary fiscal policies in selected OPEC countries during 1980-2015. In this regard, the heterogeneous dynamic reaction to structural shock was examined using Panel Structural Vector Autoregressive (PSVAR) technique. ...  Read More